Rehabilitation and care at the centre

Horses come to the centre for a range of different reasons and some stay for a couple of nights, others for weeks or months, depending on their needs. Treatment and care provided available at the centre includes:   

          Basic wound care for dressings needing regular changing and when confinement in a clean dry area is required. Often, it’s more suitable and convenient to have this managed by Kelley when a client doesn’t have the skills, time or facilities to manage care themselves.

          Administration of medication when a client doesn’t have time or skills to manage, for example if medicine needs to be given twice or more a day, or medication needs to be administered by injection.

          Tendon and ligament rehabilitation for injury. Kelley has a range of specialised equipment available for regular treatment and can manage full rehabilitation of the injury.

          Specialist nutritional management or restriction of access to pasture when required, for example for horses suffering from laminitis or severely overweight horses.

          Controlled exercise programmes for horses requiring rehabilitation. These are customised specifically for the patient and can include stable or yard confinement with hand walking, time on the Theraplate or ridden exercise in straight lines for example. Progress is continually monitored by Kelley and adapted as required.

          Theraplate treatments

          Activo-med PEMF and massage rug

          Activo-med PEMF boots

Kelley is also able to prepare customised controlled rehabilitation programmes for clients wanting to rehabilitate their horse at their own property. To discuss your horse’s requirements, please contact Kelley directly.

rehab and care_equine rehab centre