Pre purchase examinations

Kelley is available to complete a pre-purchase veterinary examinations tailored to your requirements. Kelley can travel by arrangement or perform the examination at the centre in Clevedon.

Below is a guide to the types of examinations available. Please contact Kelley directly to discuss your requirements.

Stage 1 & 2 examination – clinical examination of the horse to check overall health and wellbeing, the horse is trotted up in hand and on the lunge. Flexion tests are performed on all four limbs.

Stage 1 – 5 examination – includes all the above in Stage 1 & 2, plus examination of horse being exercised at the level appropriate for intended use by the purchaser. Trot up and flexion tests are repeated after ridden exercise.

Can also request – Various additional diagnostic tests are available, including x-rays, tendon scans, full blood tests, blood tests for the presence of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, and endoscopy.

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