Facilities and Equipment

Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre is based on a 600-acre picturesque sheep and beef farm in Clevedon, South Auckland. The centre is set up as a sports medicine practice and also takes horses needing rehabilitation and general veterinary care. Experienced equine vet, Kelley Barrington lives onsite and horses have full access to the facilities and equipment at the centre.

For horses that don’t need to stay at the centre for rehabilitation and care, appointments onsite are still welcomed and preferred, however Kelley is available to travel to various locations by arrangement.  


          Five 4m x 8m covered sand yards and four large uncovered sand yards for horses requiring confinement but still plenty of room to stretch their legs during the day

          Eight standard size indoor stables with good ventilation and air flow

          30m x 70m walled all weather sand and rubber arena for use in ridden lameness examinations

          Trot up area on fine compacted gravel surface

          Safe small flat paddocks and larger turn out paddocks

          Concreted wash bay and indoor area for x-rays and other procedures

          Large truck turnaround and ample parking


          Portable, cordless and digital x-ray machine

          Flexible 1.1m endoscope for upper respiratory tract examinations

          Mylab 5 ultrasound for tendon and soft tissue scans

          Shockwave machine for treating soft tissue ligament injuries

          Theraplate machine which is ideal for warm up and warm down, treating sore tight muscles, stimulating blood flow to the feet and maintaining bone density and muscle in horses on box rest

          Activo-Med blanket for electromagnetic stimulation and massage of the muscles

          Activo-Med PEMF boots to stimulate circulation of the hind legs