Based on a picturesque 600-acre sheep and beef farm in Clevedon, just 20 minutes from the Southern Motorway, Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre is owned and managed by equine veterinarian, Kelley Barrington.

With over 20 years’ experience as an equine vet, working for many years at well known equine clinics including Ewen Equine Clinic and  Veterinary Associates Equine and Farm, Kelley set up on her own in 2015.

Kelley now runs a busy sports medicine practice from Clevedon, as well as travelling to clients across the upper North Island to assess and treat sport horses competing in a range of disciplines.

Alongside the sports medicine work, Kelley runs an equine rehabilitation centre at the Clevedon property for horses requiring short and long term treatment and rehabilitation post injury or surgery. The centre is well set up to take horses for short or long stays, depending on their requirements, with a range of specialised rehabilitation equipment and first class facilities available.  

Services offered by Kelley include:

           Poor performance and lameness evaluation

          Pre-purchase examinations

          Rehabilitation and veterinary care at the centre, including controlled exercise plans, Theraplate  and Activo-Med PEMF and massage rug treatments.

          Digital xray, ultrasound examination, and shock wave therapy.

          Regenerative therapies such as PRP and stem cells.

Please contact Kelley on 021 350 026 or email kelley@equinerehabcentre.co.nz to discuss your horse’s requirements.

Kelley Barrington - Equine Sports Medicine and Rehab Centre